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Alternative medicine spikes

Reading Time: 11 minutes Alternative medicine has been sitting in the shadow of traditional, Westernmedicine for some time in Lebanon: alternative medicine. Though it is notcontroversial, alternative medicine is still seen as a complement to...

Health care infrastructure under pressure

Reading Time: 6 minutes Long seen as the health care centre of the Middle East due to its developedhospital infrastructure and presence of heavily qualified medical personnel,Lebanon may well lose this title soon, due to...

Drug money

Reading Time: 12 minutes What a difference in perception a year makes – especially this year of 2020, and especially in all matters concerning health, directly or indirectly. Let’s assume – very reasonably – that...

Organic care and true beauty niches

Reading Time: 16 minutes The global cosmetic and personal care market is growing, the upward swing especially boosting companies that produce organic and sustainable products. The specificity of new manufacturing trends and the evolution in...

Banking on crisis

Reading Time: 6 minutes As Winston Churchill worked to form the United Nations after WWII, he said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. This has been Antoine Assi’s motto and business model, Managing...