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After launching a farm, UAE’s Sarya Holdings is getting into packaged foods

Sarya Holdings 2
Sarya Holdings’ venture into packaged food through ‘Fit Farm’ represents a natural progression. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: From launching a farm to hitting store shelves is just a step away for one UAE company.

Sarya Holdings, which recently launched the vertical farming concept Smart Acres – is introducing a health-conscious food line Fit Farm. The brand is to hit the stores in the first quarter of the new year.

Abdulla Al Kaabi, CEO, said in a statement: “Our mission with Fit Farm is to empower the people through accessible cuisine driven by healthy lifestyle choices and connecting them with readily-available healthy foods.”

Fit Farm will offer packaged “all-natural foods” that can be prepared on the go. The initial introductions will be ready-to-eat chicken dishes.

Sarya, which was launched in 2017 by Al Kaabi and Sean Lee, initially started as a general trading business for fast-moving consumer goods. It houses popular South Korean brands such as Gilim and Samyang Foods, a brand known for its ‘spicy noodle challenge’.

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